COOL STUFF FROM TODAY || Sept. 22, 2014

Zero Percent Water

Matter has been killing it in longform for the last few months and this is just a continuation of that. It’s an intense, unworldly look at the draught in the Central Valley of California. Like this? You should also check out this article on Britney Spears, which is one of my favorite pieces of pop culture journalism recently.


Minneapolis Parklets

I’ve always loved the idea of these little parklets to use extra space on roadsides. Now Minneapolis is taking it up, sponsored by the businesses they’ll be out front of (including my favorite Minneapolis coffeeshop, Spyhouse).


Nine People, One Bedroom

The Radio Rookies program from WNYC gives the mic to teenagers in New York to record their own stories. This episode is a tear-jerker as one kid explores his own family’s poverty. Check out the whole series.

COOL STUFF FROM TODAY || Sept. 20, 2014

States In Play: Georgia

I’m really excited for this series from the New York Times looking at each senate race in play leading up to November. In this Georgia piece, Sheryl Gay Stolberg does a fantastic job of humanizing politics and showing the local issues up for debate as opposed to the 1,000-ft., Washington-centered view of politics we usually get.


La Cucaracha: Build A Better Printshop

Kansas City has its fair share of printshops, but this one caught my attention. The community aspect of art is always something that I think is worthwhile supporting. And it helps that the designs are killer so far…

COOL STUFF FROM TODAY || Sept. 18, 2014

The Plus Side

In The New Yorker’s style issue this week, Lizzie Widdicombe writes a killer longform look at the plus sized fashion industry and how it bucks the traditional cut-throat ways of fashion.


The Manual

Already an awesome print publication about design, The Manual is running a Kickstarter to expand their work with a new free website, e-publications, audio books, you name it. Everything about this looks amazing so let’s hope it gets funded.


J. Rieger’s Whiskey Slated To Return To KCMO

First, sorry about The Star’s website – and people wonder why print is dying. But this is a cool story about a couple local dudes bringing back an old brand. They already started one of the coolest bars in the city (Manifesto) and I’m excited to see what comes of this.

COOL STUFF FROM TODAY || Sept. 17, 2014

Sports Illustrated: The Greatest Position In Sports

A really cool piece from SI about the position of quarterback over the NFL’s history. Most impressive is the presentation – an almost book format with pages to flip and huge, gorgeous photography from the years. No Aaron Rodgers though, so I don’t know how credible it is…


The Juan Maclean’s In A Dream

DFA Records produces some of the most interesting, danceable music these days (and you know how much I love LCD Soundsystem). This new record by The Juan Maclean is right in the same wheelhouse – poppy, danceable and just weird enough.


S. Carey at The Record Bar

I had the pleasure of seeing Eau Claire heroes S. Carey here in Kansas City last night which was of course amazing. Despite a chatty crowd, the show was perfect. It reminded me of how amazing this Dan Huiting video from a few years ago is. Bonus: Local opener Akkilles played a great set of folk-y indie rock. I’ll be following them for sure.

COOL STUFF FROM TODAY || Sept. 16, 2014

B Corporation

On a plane between St. Louis and Kansas City I picked up the surprisingly well designed Southwest Magazine and read an interesting article about benefit corporations – a legal corporate structure that sits somewhere between for-profit and non-profit. The concept seems like a win-win, giving some accountability to companies who want to dedicate themselves to charity and community.


Strand Of Oaks Covers The National

Strand Of Oaks’ HEAL is one of my favorite records this year, bringing a lot more heat than previous releases. Tim Showalter brought his sound back down to synth and drum machine for this cover of one of my favorite songs by The National, “Pink Rabbits.”

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